When reference is changed - is it possible to display what has changed before reference update?


During collaboration involving many many models with many many changes a designer should be able to spot changes in reference files with aid of the software. Is something like this possible in Microstation?

Imagine there is 30km model of road and one column changed its location. It is impossible for a designer to spot the change when the reference is updated after it had been changed. There must be a dedicated tool for this.

I have seen latest versions of Autocad has this feature called dwg compare which probably does what i am talking about but i have not seen how it works with 3D. 


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  • No guarantees, no refunds...
    but yes it should pick up the difference in date on anything you have loaded in you design session. Master and reference files.
    I do not know if every element has a date modified property, but I bet all the everyday geometry does.

    The downside is that you have to modify the date in the rule to suit your specific needs.
    Perhaps an enthusiastic coder can scare up a pop up dialog that gives you an interactive date/value slider.

    Also consider that you can stack these rules, so you can have a range of colours reaching back over several days. Sort of a heat map of change over time....