Labels re-associate/update cell

hello community,

I´m very proud to have managed to:

- create a cell in a dgnlib that reads Item types (area, number of rooms, bathrooms, etc) attached to shapes.

- I´m placing this cell as a label and I´m able to read out these item types in my working files.

so far so good. (it looks like this)

I need help with:

-Re associating the label to a shape when association is broken.  like I do with any dimension.

- If I decide I want to now show the perimeter of the room. I would change the cell  and update the label. In this case the association is also broken. Is there anyway to keep the association or in the worst case scenario re-link it when it breaks?

Thank you very much!

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  • When people change fields to normal text

    why are they doing that, when I try to edit these they are clearly showing a background highlight in the text editor thus indicating they are text fields... maybe these "people" you mention need more cad education and more microstation training not to turn Text fields into text .. they are not the bad old Edit Data Fields  but text fields linked to an element's  properties..

    Maybe use a  level name  name like     "TEXT_FIELD_DON'T_CONVERT_ME_TO_TEXT"

    might help ( not exactly company level name standards but needs must)...


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