Calculating the area of multiple elements containing interior shapes

Hello! I have a map that is divided in to many different size areas. Majority of these areas contain a smaller area inside them. The areas are divided to their own layers according to their type. I would like to calculate the area of all certain layer elements but I don't want to count in those smaller elements inside.

I know that it is possible to calculate the area of an element using flood and the locate interior shapes. But is there a way to do this for multiple elements at once? Without having to click every element separately?

Thanks in advance. 

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  • Does this make sense or am I being too unclear? 

    Well ... a picture would make it a bit clearer.

    I am using Microstation Connect Edition version

    That's good. In such case, as mentioned by , you can create reports. In the simplest case, every report can filter shapes from one level and to sum their areas. To keep it simple, to subtract one level from another has to be done manually.

    It works as long as subtracted area is bigger (it covers) then the second area.

    Or, you can simply select all shapes at one level (can be done simply using Element selection tool) and to use Measure area tool. It automatically sums all selected areas.

    The approach, mentioned by is also good and is close how it is done in GIS systems: To create temporary objects, representing topology operation. In this case it should also be simple: Select both layers (areas and "holes") and use Group Hole tool. It topologically merges all shapes and maintains holes, so area of the result is "total area - area of holes".