[MSCEU16] Set Element Elevation of Text


we found the following Problem. 

If we use the Set Element Elevation on a text, the text does not just change its hight it also moves on the y-axis. It seems like it moves the by the same value on the y-axis as the size of the text. 

we encountered this problem one 3 different and not connected workplaces.

We know that there are problems regarding the command changing the text style. So we would not be surprised if this ist another bug. We just want to confirm if it is somehow possible to fix this problem with a hidden setting that we are missing or something like that. 

I hope these pictures make it somehow clear what I mean:

Top View

Side View

I placed a text, copied it to the exact same location an used the Set Element Elevation command on one of them with the new hight of 1.

Thank you in advance!

Greetings Niklas 

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