Place Table - New Table cells not adjusting to annotation scale

I am experiencing an issue with creating a new table in a seed file. I create a new table by selecting Place Table in a new model in my seed file. I define the number of rows and columns and place the table. Then I go in and edit the cells to contain text by double clicking in each cell.

I open a drawing where I want to place my new table. When I select place table I select my newly created table and place it in the file. The text from the table honors the annotation scale, but the table remains the same size and does not honor annotation scale.

I found this old post but that mentions importing a .csv file. I am entering text manually.

Also, there are other tables in this seed file that another user created and they seem to be working as expected. None of those contain text and are just made up of empty cells. Is it not possible to pre-populate some cells with text in the seed file? I thought I saw in the help documentation that you can add text as long as it is done by double-clicking in a cell so it is part of the table and not a separate element.

I've compared my table settings and properties against the other tables and I cannot find anything different between them.