CONNECT in-line leader Left Margin offset fix

I'm not sure if this issue has been answered previously, but I did find a solution

I took part in a previous discussion (link below) where we were discussing how CONNECT no longer allows a negative offset for the Left Margin for Notes. This setting would be in the dimension styles dialog under the Text tab, Notes Field. This caused a problem where making an extended length in-line leader would push the text away from the in-line leader for a multi-line note that the last line of text was shorter than any previous line. 

If you try to apply a negative value for the Left Margin it will not be accepted and will turn to a positive number.

The fix I discovered is to place the note as shown in the screenshot. After placement you can use the Change Dimension tool and set the in-line leader length to the proper value to achieve the correct result. Previously I had used trial and error to get the correct length by applying various values. A user finally realized that if you count the number of characters (spaces included) between the end of the in-line leader and the last character in the lower line and add 1 to that number you get the correct length of in-line leader.

In v8i you could enter a negative value for the left margin and place the note in one step.