Autosave, is it possible to disable?

I'm working in a file in V8i SS3, and probably because of network issues on the company side, it's very slow. This started me on the path to see if the reaction times of the design file could be quicker by disabling the autosave. Every time I perform a task the file has a think for 20-30 seconds while it updates to the file location on the server. This drives me insane.

I have put 0 in the "design file auto-save" but it doesn't help. I have also unticked automatically save design changes, in preferences. I still feel that it still saves all of the time. For every little change. If I just draw a line and delete it, the little disk appears in the lower right corner and the file freezes until it disappears.

So my question is: Is it really possible to disable autosave?  If so can anyone point me in the correct direction to find this option to disable it?