Is it possible to run a MicroStation batch process on drawing models only?

I am running MicroStation CONNECT edition and OpenRoads Designer CONNECT, latest updates. I have a set of about 400 cross section .dgn's containing about 500 cross section drawing models and sheet models created with OpenRoads. I would like to create a batch process to run OpenRoads' Annotate Drawing Model command on all of the drawing models.

If I add files to the batch, and leave "All Models" selected in the list (see screenshot 1), and then run the batch process, I get a notification that I have to click through ("Unable to run command in Sheet or Drawing Model" - this is due to the program trying to execute "Annotate Drawing Model" in the sheet model of each file). This means I would have to babysit the process and click through the notifications for about 6+ hours.

I have worked around this by selecting drawing models from the list, and then attaching the files again for each drawing model (i.e. If a dgn has 3 drawing models, I add it to the list 3 times.) I have created my list, and it worked before fine. However, the .bprc file I did that in was accidentally overwritten.

Rather than take the time to set that file up again, going through the arduous task of making sure I haven't forgotten any of the 500+ drawing models...

I am wondering if there is a way to write into the command file some function that would force only the drawing models within each dgn to be processed.

Or another creative solution?



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