Connect 15/Openroads 10.09 - Reports Item types area and other

Hi, I have created and assign item types to different complexe shape.  I have the values in those item types.  I would like to create a microstation report with those item type.  My problem is that the value of area and level come of blank in the report.

I have try also to get the area value from the property of the complexe shape into a report but that also did not work. My reports are setup like this:

Can anybody help understand what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Hi Jeremie,

    I didn't know or didn't realise that EC expressions wouldn't be read between software.

    They will be read, but can return different results, because MicroStation element is something different than civil feature (which is typically MicroStation element with plenty of other data attached, often related to some other data, and interpreted in a specific way).

    There is not a lot of knowledge regarding Microstation Report into the Openroads forum so I tought of asking here.

    My experience is that every time civil feature is involved in expressions and reports, it should be discussed in ORD forum, because context is different than "simple MicroStation".

    The funny thing is that it is mainly Microstation element that are not read by the report.

    As Jon wrote, share DGN file. Without example, it's hard to say what can be wrong. It's enough to create just a few elements (both civil features and MicroStation ones) and to explain what is expected result.

    and it is those that are not read by the reports.

    What I can see on your image, you search for civil feature and shape, with specific civil feature name ... so I guess no shape can be found in this case. But without seeing how query is defined, no way to do any further analysis.

    With regards,


    BTW Why did you verified (marked as answered) your own post (which is not solution)?