Clash Detection V8i vs CE

I have an overlay file created in Navigator V8i SS6 where we get this error message when we try to run Clash Detection.

I get the same error in MicroStation SS10, but everything runs nice and smooth in MicroStation ConnectEdition Upd 16.

I have all above software installed on the same computer.

Is there any DLL's or other "shared" stuff there prevent the old versions to run Clash Detection?

  • There shouldn't be any shared files between SS10 and CE, so I doubt that's the issue.

    It is, however, entirely possible that the V8i versions do not have as robust clash detection as CE. The error may have nothing to do with having CE installed on your computer. It may be an issue with the software.

    I don't use this often (if at all) so hopefully someone with a deeper understanding can shed more light on what might be going on. Would you be able to attach a small sample of the file giving you trouble, and give us a walkthrough of the steps you take? If you need an answer sooner than anyone can get back with you, it may be worth filing a Service Ticket with Support.


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