Windows 11 Compatibility ?

Windows 11  upgrade option popped up on my machine this morning.

What's the official line on this?  Wait for MSCE 16.2 or 16.3?

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  • So what is their main product?

    My feeling for last few years is all resources have been dedicated to iTwin.js ecosystem (both open-source part and iModel Hub commercial back-end) and related products. The most of people I know from MicroStation development (like Paul Connelly, Jeff Marker, Bill Steinbock and Keith Bentley, of course ;-) now commit their work to iTwin project. Also Sunand Sandurkar, who led platform development team in the past (and did pretty good job there), is now in charge of Digital Tower products (solution developed on top of iTwin / iModel technology).

    Everything else (but I am aware I know in detail only a fraction of products) looks like there are no resources, skilled teams, and even no clear visions: MicroStation ... still slow, with plenty of recurring bugs, visualization ... not working well, fragmented between VUE and LumenRT (and Pro), OBD ... nothing exciting I guess, OCM ... I do not see any strong movement, maybe civil products look not so bad.