Will I still be able to activate and use Bentley Microstation V8i after January 1, 2022?

We have seen the notices about the upcoming end of support for Microstation V8i Select Series 10. While we would be open to using the Connect edition, this is not possible for reasons that are outside of our control. All of our clients publish mandatory workspaces designed for V8i, and they have no plans to upgrade their workspace to Connect anytime in the near future. Please advise if we will still be able to download, install and activate Microstation V8i after the end of support date.

Thanks in advance!

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  • One of main reasons to migrate to CONNECT is thanks to Autodesk marketing releasing new DWG formats.

    Making the choice of requesting consultants issue me with DWG's in no later than 2016 format was a complete no brainer, compared to having to use CONNECT.

    I would recommend planning your migration to MicroStation CONNECT as soon as possible.

    Out of curiosity, why?

    Why exactly would you recommend Tim move to a software which is evidently worse in almost every way, than V8i? Do you want Tim and his colleagues to experience the same frustrations that are consistently reported by regular CE users? I could fully understand IF CONNECT was at least on par with V8i in its performance but we all know that's not the case.