Key-in to disable drag operations?

Hi there,

Is there a key-in command to disable drag operations? 
I like being able to trim / extend by dragging a line but I don't want to accidentally move an element when attempting to draw a selection marque. 

If there is a key-in, I can assign it to an F - key to improve my workflow. 


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  • I successfully recorded a BASIC macro

    Prefer to use VBA.  BASIC is not supported in MicroStation CONNECT, so when you upgrade you'll have to start again.

     supplied some VBA source that he recorded.  You can use that in a one-liner...

    SetCExpression "savePrefs.flags.disableDrag", 0


    SetCExpression "savePrefs.flags.disableDrag", 1

    Run that from the MicroStation V8i key-in window like this...

    vba execute SetCExpression "savePrefs.flags.disableDrag", 0
    vba execute SetCExpression "savePrefs.flags.disableDrag", 1

    If those work, you can assign them to your function keys. 

    Note: The key-in for MicroStation CONNECT should be something like this...

    macro vba execute SetCExpression "savePrefs.flags.disableDrag", 1

    However, MicroStation doesn't accept that.  See Jan's working version below.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions