"Export Google Earth File" (KML)

The "Export Google Earth File" (KML) should consider the previous selected elements not all the visible elements in the active Model.

And options if we want to ignore References, etc... according to the typology of the elements. ( I would like to see a settings dialog similar when we convert) in this case to export to Google Earth, to filter objects, etc...

It would be also nice if we could select the format file (KML,KMZ or GPX)

  • The "Export Google Earth File" (KML) should consider

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    Regards, Jon Summers
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  • Hi Joan,

    You can easily export only selected elements to GoogleEarth by using a displayset. 

    1. Select the desired elements with the Element Selection tool
    2. Right-click and hold to open the Reset Pop-up Menu
    3. From the menu choose Displayset Set (in V8i choose Isolate) to display only the selected elements.
    4. Now Export Google Earth File to export only the currently displayed elements.
    5. To clear the displayset, open the Reset Pop-up Menu again and choose Displayset Clear (in V8i choose Isolate Clear)

    The KMZ file created by exporting is basically a zip file containing a KML file, and depending on the Google Earth Settings it may also contain other items such as images or collada files.


    Answer Verified By: Joan Martínez Serra