Extend line on top of the other lines

I am trying to extend a line, but for some reasons, it does not select the line that I am aiming to extend; instead it selects the line below the aimed line! Please advise.

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  • Hi Bob,

    I used to leverage that when working in a DGN.

    It is the topic for another (and potentially long ;-) discussion. Because I do not want to deviate from original topic, short comment only ;-)

    Elements order in DGN file has became obsolete in V8 XM Edition, when display priority was introduced. From V8i, when Display Styles were implemented, it is recommended to do not rely on this feature.

    But since the inception of Connect I've noticed design file order doesn't seem to follow the same behaviors it used to, sometimes seems random.

    I do not recall any scenario when the order looks random, but your are right the order in CE, even at API level, is "deprecated feature in "do not use it" mode. In my opinion it is a result of "paradigm shift", when developers work with objects (through so called element handlers) and do not care how they are stored. Even when "file position" info can be still found in some API functions, it is not ensured and code should not rely on this information.