Attaching dgns to sheet models crashes MS CE16

Why even most simple tasks like creating a 2D sheet model and attaching a design model as a reference into it will crash Microstation CE in regular basis? It seems that only way to create sheet layouts for printing is to make them in MS V8i.

Dealing with MS Connect Edition really wrecks my nerves. I see 'Microstation has stopped working' roughly 5-10 times every day. Bentley please, make this program more reliable!

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  • Connect is a literal bug fest. As they fix some things, add features for AutoCrap users, they introduce new bugs. We are unpaid beta testers. Looking forward to end of the year when they deprecate v8i, good luck with that. It should be able to deal with the different unit definitions, common.

    I have noticed much more crashes, some with no message, since updating. A few things to try that sometimes help;

    Often if I simple do the operation again, it works.

    Compress the file, removing any unwanted features.

    Select all the features in the design model, rotate by 0 or scale by 1 (simply to re-write the elements).

    Delete your UPF (if you have not kept a backup, this will mess with many settings, may be a worse problem)

    If all else fails, use v8i to complete the task, I had to do this just last week. Oddly, when I go back to v8i I have to stop and think to find certain commands. I've always updated to latest Bentley software, this time (moving to Connect) turned out to be a big FAIL.

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