[CONNECT Update 16] What replaces Engineering Links?

Engineering Links let us attach a hyperlink to a DGN element.  Engineering Links use tag technology and Bentley Systems tell us that they are deprecated.  Help tells us: It is recommended that you use Explorer and Link Sets to manage collaborative project data over the Internet.

However, as far as I can see, Link Sets don't apply to DGN elements.  What is the non-deprecated alternative to an Engineering Link?

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  • when simple replacement of Engineering Links is discussed, there is no reason to use Explorer and Link Sets

    That's where MicroStation help is vague.  It tells us that Engineering Links are deprecated.  However, it doesn't dwell on the details of Link Sets and how they are relevant to DGN elements.   's response answered that question.  Following that hint, I found more in MicroStation Help: my problem was terminology!  We attach Item instances and we attach tags and we attach reference files, but it turns out that we add (not attach) a Link.

    MicroStation help does show how to add a link to a DGN element, but it's hidden under topic Managing WorkSet Data with Explorer.  That's not the first place I would think of looking — but fortunately the MicroStation Forum provided the answer.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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