Finding the furthest perpendicular point between two lines

Is there an easy way to wind the maximum perpendicular point between two lines? 

I'm trying to find the maximum perpendicular distance between two lines and the measure tools don't seem to have a function for this. I'm currently copying parallel to find the point but it's a bit slow and imprecise, is there a better way of doing this?

The attached image should show what I'm trying to do.

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  • of your test case gave you false hope; by creating an arrangement of a perfect chord on a circle/arc

    Ok my bad .. consider the point conceded but thanks for figuring it out where I was going wrong  .. but to be fair  I did go off the OP image as his example  but I didnt  think it thru enough about the top of the arc has to be the furthest point in a perfect case.. and I agree that Ron Jones  is the best and least effort  approach  for all situations... however the assumption was the OP wanted the Sagitta length ... ( which I often need in my work too) inspired Jon Summers to create and share his new VBA macro for which I'm grateful and others with definitely  benefit although serendipitously arrived at... and the create centre line is also awsome..


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