2D design review with Markup for microstation

Basic problem: There is the "Markup"-Dialog in MicroStation. 

How can a Reviewer create a file that can be used there?

According to this it is now possible to do a PDF Design review

(1) 2D Design Review and Markup - Licensing, Cloud and Web Services Wiki - Licensing, Cloud and Web Services - Bentley Communities

Is it in the meantime possible to Markup DGN Files and and later use these Markups through the microStation Markup Dialog

(This functionality was available in the late Bentley Navigator V8i and Bentley Redline)

I am missing this functionality.

Why? Am I the only one here? Example: If you have to add or correct numbering (like e.g. Circuit Numbers, Room Numbers, actually any numbering on a drawing or design) you need to REWRITE every number reading it from the PDF.

Or am I missing something?

(BTW. If you search for Markups and/or Overlay or Design Review you are getting a lot of outdated information in the communiities) 

I will ask this question -again- in the microStation Forum as I have not yet found a satisfying answer.