MSTN - 3D Cached reference with Geometry map - Material Projection ignored

In this design file, when caching a 3D model as reference in a drawing model, the material projection seems to be ignored (see image below). 

This problem doesn't appear in MicroStation pre-Connect.

The original 3D model (Design) in MicroStation Connect. The pattern of the bricks is horizontal (material rotated with projection).

Above the drawing model where the 3D model is referenced and Cached. The pattern direction on the right is rotated like it is without the projection. Strange is that the left pattern direction is rotated like it chould be (even more strange, just before I wrote this, the left part was also rotated 90 degrees, no matter what I tried).

In Pre-Connect, this function works very stable and without this kind of problems (v8i SelectSeries 10):

Screenshot from the same cached file in pre-Connect (v8i SS10).

What am I doing wrong?

Regards Louis