Reporting from Item Types in Cells

I have a cell library in which I have defined Item Types and attached them to an element in the cells so that when they are placed, they will have the Item Types already attached. My aim is to produce a report that contains all the Item Type values along with the X,Y,Z coordinates of the cell origin. My report runs on 'Cells + related items.' which are Item Types. I have added all the columns for cell coordinates & Item Types. When I run the report though my table only populates results related to cell property values & not Item Types. The Item Type values do not come through. In the course of testing I have found that my report will work if I place a cell without an Item Type already attached, and then attach the Item Type after it has been placed. This seem like an unnecessary step, & will not work for me anyway as I am also displaying the Item Types in text field built into the cells. So I can’t add them later. I suspect that I can get it to work if ‘Add related Item’ the correct way. However, when I look at doing this I find myself in an endless loop going through an Item Type into a cel into an Item Type into a cell and so on. The screen capture below hopefully demonstrates this. Hoping for some feedback on how to get this to work.