Navigator CONNECT Edition vs Autodesk Navis (Free software)


My question is about how Bentley software results is planned to be viewed by project members for free. Autodesk has Navis that comes with one version that is free viewer for all project members, then there is simulate and manage where you can produce information that you want to be shared.

How is it in Bentley software family? I know that there  is some kind similar as Navis in "Bentley world " Navigator CONNECT Edition. Is this similar as the Autodesk Navis? If it is is there also an free viewer for navigator as there is in Autodesk Navis?

Every new big project that is started has an requirement that the information has to be able to be read/view by all project members without owning the full license of the programs  used to design the result with free viewer.

Do Bentley have this kind of solutions?

Best regards