Apply the same view attribute to multiple models (Connect U16)

Hello, is it possible to apply view attributes to multiple models in a file with a single tool / key-in or command? Our programmer has a VBA macro that creates multiple sheet models in a file (anywhere from 5-200) but a few of the view attributes need to be adjusted after those models have been created. I've looked in the help file & searched the forum but I don't see anything about this. 



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  • So we should limit a cell library to fewer than one hundred cells?

    Gee whiz Jon.

    No, obviously I was specifically meaning  Drg sheet drgs ie project deliverables and I said it was a personal preference and not really logical ... when  I click on a drg I want to just see that drg not have to drill down to see or go through multiple models.. I work in  production drg  office and  multiple drafters can be called upon to finish or issue projects started by others and main client is DoT so there has to be consistency of plan sets and compliance to standards.

    As for cell libraries they are backed up on server  (also are available from DoT server too) all the time and only privileged users like cad manger or chief draftsman can edit these as they too are standards...

    IMHO with our custom company shared cell libraries  I try not to put or create  too many cells either and try to create categories of cells to make finding cells by discipline and category is easier and quicker  than trolling through large cell libraries looking for a suitable cell.

    Wow did I really type all that I think I'm getting off topic  so I'll stop


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