Keyboard cursor arrow to pan left / right ?

Hi guys

how can i set keyboard arrows to move left and right view ?  ( Not mouse pan  but keyboard - without out of my work command )

  • I don't think its possible without a little help.

    MicroStation doesn't give you the functionality to configure keyboard shortcuts so we have to use what options it gives you.

    I managed to do it this way:

    • Open up the Function Keys dialog
    • Choose 2No. F-key's which you will assign the view pan strings to, I chose F2 and F3 for my test:
      F2: move left;selview 1
      F3: move right;selview 1
    • Close the Function Key Dialog.
    • Install AutoHotKey:
    • Copy and paste the below script into notepad and save with an appropriate name and the .ahk extension e.g. MS-ArrowKey-Pan.ahk
      #IfWinActive ahk_exe ustation.exe
    • Double-click the AHK file, and then open a DGN file.
    • Press the Left and Right arrow keys to see your view move.

    Obviously, you cannot see my hands in this clip, however, this is what happens when I press the arrow keys:

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  • Hello , thanks. Looks great and clever but not working on my.

    F2 and F3 works as in your example

    but arrows not. I installed HK software, i made the file in Notepad save with the same name  

    MS-ArrowKey-Pan.ahk , double click - the file is load - than i open Mstn file but arrows now working ( newest CONNECT )

    Btw good think is to use 16 buttons mouse (  i am using 8 - so i use some keys for Modify solid, extrude , cut  - very nice )

  • When you have the AHK file running, go to the system tray, right click the Green H icon and press Window Spy

    Click on your open MicroStation CONNECT application window, and see what it says here:

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