Keyboard cursor arrow to pan left / right ?

Hi guys

how can i set keyboard arrows to move left and right view ?  ( Not mouse pan  but keyboard - without out of my work command )

  • i had Microstation.exe ( not ustation )

    That's one reason it's important to tell us your version of MicroStation.

    • You use MicroStation CONNECT: the executable is MicroStation.exe.
    • Barry uses MicroStation V8i: the executable is ustation.exe.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hi Barry,

    I found this in help there is a factor you can apply default is 0.25 or 25% 

    Key in MOVE <DOWN | LEFT | RIGHT | UP> [factor].
    Factor is the amount of the view to scroll. If factor is omitted the view is scrolled by the default factor — 0.25 (one fourth of the view).

    I have a 5 button mouse and  I added xbutton 4 in the mouse remap to use 

    move right;selview 1

    but it waits for me to use data point mouse LB in view 1, but it stays resident and I can keep LMB in view 1 over and over and it keeps moving... and RMB reset ends the I like it to repeat with the LMB...

    Interestingly  that with using it in an F key it terminates the key in after running it no data point needed...

    I just  found out all of this is redundant FOR LEFT and for RIGHT MOVE   ... just use ALT and  scroll wheel in or out to achieve a nice steady  move or pan right  or left.. works great!

    Using Microstation nearly 30 years and I just found it !.. must have missed it  when we introduced 3 button mouse updates maybe aroum XM version...


    Started msnt work 1990 - Retired  Nov 2022 ( oh boy am I old )

    But was long time user V8iss10 ( dabbler CE  update 16 ( 

    MicroStation user since 1990 Melbourne Australia.
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  • Hi martinezx,

    You can already do this by using Alt + Wheel to pan left or right.

    This can be customized in your Preferences.
    You can see in this image that I have changed Ctrl + Wheel to also Pan Up/Down.
    Navigate Distance(Mouse) controls the percentage of screen distance moved.