[CONNECT Update 16] Write a CONNECT Report for Tag data

I want to write a Report for tag data.  So far, so good...

Report Tags

That reports tag data, but not where they come from. We need to know what the tag belongs to, otherwise it's hard to make sense of the Report.

How do I include the ID of the host element (the element to which the tag is attached) in that report?

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  • Tags are pure texts

    Tag element values are C-style variants.  They can store string, integer, double or binary values.  String, integer and double values display as text.

    Numeric values are not formatted.  It's quite common to see a tag that contains a double value displaying an absurd number of decimal places: 123.5678901234567890123456789.

    Tags remain useful in MicroStation CONNECT because they play well with AutoCAD.  Despite the numerous benefits of Item Types, they are not a complete substitute for tag elements.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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