Loosing dwg reference attachments override settings [CE 16.2]

I have floorplans to be attached to my drawngs. As many others I want my flooplan references greyed out.

I generally work in dgns. I attach the floorplan, Set the overrides of all levels to grey and switch the reference >Presentation "Level Overides" on. That works well with dgn-references. Yet often I just attach dwg-floorplans. I was under the impression that with the attachment of an dwg I should be able to also use the overrides. And so it appears. But after reopening the overide settings are lost.(To be more precise:The Presentation Level Overide is still on but the attachments overides colors are all lost)

I am sure that I used this ever so often for DWG-attachments as well. But now it does not work any more(?) If my memory serves correctly we had the issue on an off with previous versions(?)  .I am increasingly doubting my recollection when I am seeing issues long time overcome popping up again.