Dynamic view section - dynamic assignation of element templates


I wonder how i can dynamically (according to my needs and purposes) change the styles of an element subjected to view/section callout (mainly in drawing space).

The only way i have found is to assign Element template to an object but this is pretty static and limited way of doing it.

I want to have multiple Element templates assigned to elements activated globally according to certain rules.

Lets say --> to all elements on layers containing "*concrete*" apply element template called "XYZ".

Only place where rules are applicable is Display rules within Display styles but its not the same thing as controlling hatches and edges (cut, visible, hidden) per element basis. Or is it? 

How should Element templates be used in conjunction with Display styles and rules? 


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  • Tim Hickman said:

    "the views get placed either in a drawing model or a sheet model, depending on your choice."

    I think that this correct in the sense that it places the Saved View in where the user has the model active when creating the Dynamic View, placing the Callout .

    This is usually in the 3d model which is often a 'container' model that has the Ref attachements. See also Barry's post above. But it can also be a 2d Drawing or Sheet model... Mstn also supports generating DVs by creating a Callout in the 2d environment.

    During the V8i SS3 beta there was some debate about whether the SVs should be centralised somehow. The concern was primarily to do with the DVs that were generated and stored in the 2d Drawing / Sheet models, which would be difficult to manage if there was no easy way to track them. There is a tool in the Saved View dailog called 'Find Uses' which should help. Apparently looks at the MS_DEF variable for folders to in. 

    There was also problems with synchronising any changes between the SV subscribing models and the publishing model(s). This extends beyond just display / presentation updates and includes changes to viewport naming/numbering which was very unreliable. Maybe another case of users not knowing where Mstn is looking? Not sure if this has been rectified. There has been some recent work on the Sheet Index. This should be the best place to track where all those SVs (and Display Styles), regardless of where they are stored. This would help to give the user that nice 'centralised overview' feel whilst maintaining Mstn's powerful federated way of doings things under the hood.

    Ivan Galik said:

    "please how do you attach those saved views so that it preserves display styles? in saved view i have applied my display rules but when i attach it somewhere else it does not work even though all settings should be retained"

    Any changes to the Display Styles onscreen will need to be updated to the SV first. Depending on your DV settings, you may need to synch the settings in the Drawing/Sheet model using the Ref dialog>Reference Presentation tool.

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