Smartlines: Parametric Enhancement

Rumour is that some parametric enhancements are coming.

It would be great if the old Smartline introduced with Mstn 95 could be enhanced to allow parametric adjustment of the rounds/chamfers between line segments.

The Smartline stores the corner points (like Splines) for later adjustment which is great. But we often need to be able to access the round radius or chamfer offset after we place the Smartline.

Currently this is not possible in the Properties Panel. The radius is shown but grey'd out. It would be a great help to be able to access these parameters post placement. Currently, if the radius or chamfer needs to be tweaked, the Smartline will need to redrawn which is a time waster.

Smartlines are frequently used as path and profile geometry for more complex 3d geometry like piping, handrails etc. Even bigger time waster if you have to break your extrusion, sweep or rotation object.

Hopefully, a quick tweak for the dev team? Seems like the display / input aspects are already there in the Properties Panel?