Pattern angle orientation absolute or by element


is there an option to handle the orientation angle of patterns / hatches in Microstation?

Here you see the same polygon from two referenced DGN with the same pattern angle of 0°:

In 3d DGN (yellow) the pattern is oriented to the first edge (upper left edge) so the pattern of 0° is parallel to that edge.

In the attached 2d DGN (red) the pattern is oriented absolute in north direction, so 0° is from west to east.

Is there an option / configuration variable to handle that issue? It should look the same despite its dimensionality.

The geometry isn't created in Microstation (FME) and the pattern is associated to it's boundary. And we use Microstation Update 16 but we see it in OpenCities Map or others too.

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Maik Hertel

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  • But I don't know how it is even possible that I see two similar geometries with the same hatch angle but different hatch orientation.

    Mary already told you the answer; the Angle value displayed in the Element Information/Properties is the angle of the pattern at the time it was applied ( relative to the view regardless of its rotation ). I presume you think it SHOULD be relative to a World axis datum (X in the case of a 2D file), but that isn't how it works hence why you can get the same hatch appearance, but entirely different angle values.

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