Geotiff to 3d ?

Is there any way to make 3d terrain from geotiff like in Qgis or other software by one click  ?

I hope that in 2022 in Connect there is possible cos 3d terrain is basic project need.

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  • For using this type data, shape files, etc., I purchased a program called Global Mapper. They hit me up for $240 US every year, but still cheaper than Bentley. I would imagine QGIS can convert the geotiff to something usable in Microstation, it is a bit of a learning curve. My long term plan is to replace Global Mapper with QGIS, still a few things I need that it won't do, but they constantly upgrade the thing. Now if I could just find an Open Source CAD program to replace Microstation, it would be goodbye Bentley.

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