Feature Request: Item Types Expression that will allow to calculate distance between point A and B

I am working as Electrical Engineer on Railway Infrastructure Projects. One of the latest client's requirement is to provide a carbon assessment for the proposed design. As a part of design we need to consider carbon contribution during manufacturing process, transportation from manufacturer to site, maintenance and installation. I thought that for the calculation of carbon contribution associated with transportation of equipment from manufacturer to construction site,  it would be very useful if there is an expression for item types where:

  • First argument takes coordinates of point A
  • Second argument takes coordinates of point B,
  • Third argument takes type of transportation(car, train, flight

and the returned value is a distance between point A and B (I guess it could use Google Maps or Bing Maps API).

I could then create a cell library with item type attached into each of the cell with the following properties: 

  • Company Name
  • Address,
  • Coordinates,
  • Transport Type,
  • Fuel Consumption, 
  • Distance (calculated by expression, where first argument is Item Type Property "Coordinates", second argument takes the coordinates from the placement point of cell and the third one takes takes Item Type Property "Transport Type"

I guess that if MicroStation already allows to synchronise view with Google Earth and Bing Maps, implementing such expression would not be difficult and would be very useful.