Hi Everyone, I have created a custom line style which is composed of dash and text. 

(see below photo)

I am using this line style in making multi-line which represents a cable trough in my layout, my problem is, this line style does not break in every corners of the multiline and the text will come out of the way and it does not look good. it looks like this (refer to photo below.)

How can I make the center "text" line breaks in every corner? 

Thank you. 

  • This looks familiar, just not from multilines. I reckon you need to use each single character (not the whole text) and blank spaces as individual cells when generating your line style to properly wrap your text.

  • Text will not break around corners. If you are using a custom line style the part of the style that is the text is essentially a cell. The best solution for you is to draw the custom line style between 2 points where the test will fit properly. I other sections draw a solid line. Not the best solution but it's all you are able to do for a workaround.

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  • if you use  TRUE multiline  its not  going to work, I believe you have to create a NEW line style that incorporates  the top outer line the custom centre line with text and  the bottom outer line, I think you will need to make a few of these custom compound  linestyles if you want different  true scale widths for several sizes  of conduits,  it should also allow you use these new line styles as arcs which sadly  multilines  still don't even after 20 years of asking...But it shouldn't be too hard for you as  you already  have created the compound line with the text, you just have to add do the two outer lines...

    We have custom DoT built  road marking ( line marking paint) with a variety of widths fills, and  gaps as well as  offset reflectors and they work pretty well ok on curves and  corners, and you can use the shift pattern along line tool for weird endings, so should be very  possible  for you  just a lot of hard work because of the horrible  very ancient complicated linestyle creation interface tool..  but it is very  powerful once you master it... but make a  lot  of  notes for your self as  you may  only  use a few times  between many  years.. and you will forget  how to do things even with  wiki guide from bentley.. but be warned  its a custom line NOBODY else will see it  in your supplied dgns to clients and  work mates . .you will need to give everyone  in your company and clients the custom rsc file that holds this style .. dont for get to drop the text in the style while creating  or it too will be a problem for others if its a custom font and  it works better that way  too...

    A poor quick and dirty work around  is to use to use linear pattern for your line with the  text .. I do this for small single instance  one off drawings  rather than build a  complex line style.. or steal/ borrow one from my  autocad team mates  who can whip up stuff with the express tools real quick by drawing it  or  notepad  to shx..

    I have long dreamed ( 25 years and counting) of the day when in microstation that we could have in addition to the current tool  a quick simple  linestyle maker that lets you just use  draw it and  fence it   like we do for cell creation...


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