Google Drive for Collaboration

Hello Folks,

Just curious if anybody has tried using Google Drive to collaborate on Bentley cad design files with external colleagues and if so what your experience was like?
Thanks for your time and sharing,
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  • Hi Oto, I have been reading up and testing Projectwise share. It may serve as a viable option for us to use. In my testing, I keep getting "There was a failure while synchronizing project" error. 

    When I copy a project folder with files under it to the local Projectwise share folder, and hit the sync now button, I get the error.

    It seems to eventually sync if I copy one file at a time. 

    I have check the limitations and I'm not over any of the limits from what I can tell. I cannot find any way to check like a log or error msg to know why it is failing?

    Gary Manuel

    OBD 2023

    Windows 10 Pro