RGB file type not supported


I'm having problems attaching a .rgb file as raster in MicroStation CONNECT edition v. 

Error message: "The file type is not supported - [12]."

I was able to attach this raster in older versions of MicroStation but now it seems that MicroStation does not recognize the file. I don't know how old this .rgb file is but I'm wondering if MicroStation stops recognizing files of certain age with new releases? RGB is listed as one of the file types in Attach Raster Reference dialog.

Is there a way to attach this rgb file so I can use it in my project?



  • are you able to open and test the rgb file with any other viewing software... this tests its not corrupt..

    ok if it is viewable ... try to convert a copy to another format .. I use irfanview for this sort of thing like a  jpg BTW is it a geo refered file? 

    Irfan view is free and will also give you analysis of what the type of raster it is .. so you can check if that type is still supported with CE ....

    Do you have older version of  microstation? did you know you can use the raster manager to convert / export it to a different  format but only  if you can recognise it and  load it first like in v8i...  I'm not  sure if CE has dropped any  old file type  support... but try  my suggestions will help you at least get it working


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  • It depends if this format is natively supported. For example SID/ECW support uses 3rd party plugins so had issues in 64-bit versions at first.

    Report it to Bentley.

  • Hi. I believe the Intergraph rgb file format is still supported in Microstation. Have you modified the file extension to something other than .rgb? In the recent releases Microstation requires the proper extension to find the format handler, it does not scan for all supported formats for security reasons. If that is not your situation, I suggest you contact support so you can provide the file for additional testing. Thanks.