Referenced Items not appearing correct

Hi All, I have a conundrum I am hoping you can help with.

I have created a file from scratch as the error appeared on a separate file first.

When referencing in the units using Microstation all the units are all the wrong position. It appears that the X Y coordinates are correct but the Z coordinate seems to be giving me values centering around an AOD of Zero, whereas it should be ~+65.0.

The units do not 'select normally and i have to hover somewhere in the vicinity to try and select it as clicking straight onto the unit does not work.

I have opened the same file up in Bentley View Connect, Openroads and Openbuildings and the file opens normally. It is only when I open the file in Microstation does it produce this anomaly. Furthermore, it is only my Microstation that produces this, everyone else I ask to open it up gets the file looking how it should.

There are no drawn elements in the model and everything has been referenced, all the references are DWG files.

What is also strange is when I open those DWG files up within Microstation it is stuck on a Plan View only, I cannot rotate the model, it's like it is only 2D. Again, when anyone else opens that the file is 3D and then can rotate, the same happens when I open it with Autocad.

Below are my images of the various programs with the last one being Microstation.

Any help is greatly appreciated.