Slow-loading Raster Images via Network Drive


We are using Microstation Connect to draw on top of aerial imagery. The design file we draw in called "Plan.dgn" is stored on a network drive. The imagery is stored in an ECW format on another network drive. To bring the imagery into Plan.dgn, we reference a separate design file called "Raster.dgn" which has all the ECWs attached via Raster Manager.

When using imagery loaded onto a local drive, pan/zoom operations are extremely fast - the imagery loads instantaneously. When the imagery is on a network drive, even on our 10 Gigabit network, it is slower to load when panning/zooming. This happens regardless of where the plan.dgn or raster.dgn is stored. There is only a difference when the location of the imagery itself is changed.

Is there a way to improve performance when the raster images are stored on a network drive? We have tried altering the cache settings, but the cache folder does not seem to populate when we use ECWs.

Workstation Info:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 21H2  Build: 19044.2486 Region: USA
  • CPU: Intel 10700K
  • RAM: 64 GB 2933 MHz (4 x 16GB)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA T-1000
  • Intel 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Network Operating System: Waiting to hear back from IT

Thank you,