Reports tool duplicates item types when placing a parametric cell with attached item types

Hi everyone, 

Software Version: MicroStation Connect Edition Update 17 Version

I am trying to create a cell library with item types attached to each cell. The attachment of item types is via the model of a specific cell as I want to be able to edit the item properties when cells are placed into the model (See screenshot 1). I saved my cell library using DGN extension as I want also to use named presentation capability. 

Screenshot 1

When I place one cell from that library into my test model, the explorer shows the quantity of items as 1, however when I generate predefined report the quantity is shown as 2 (Screenshot 2). When I add second cell into my model, then the explorer will show 2 items and the report will show 3 (Screenshot 3). Please note that the report shows the correct number of item types if these are attached directly into the elements within the test model (not from cell library).

Does anyone know what might be wrong and why item types are duplicated with the placement of first cell? 

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

I have attached all test files.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



MEP Cell Library.dgn