Full list of dialogue IDs for controlling dialogues as popups

I have finally found the key in syntax that I have been searching literally months for to free me from the awful ribbon interface.

inputmanager popupitem [Number 1],[Number 2]

This will force numerous dialogues, sub-dialogues and drop down menus into a popup item directly under my mouse cursor!

For example 

inputmanager popupitem -548,2 => Opens the reference manager

inputmanager popupitem -548,3 => Opens the raster manager

inputmanager popupitem -605,3 => Opens the colour dropdown menu for attributes

inputmanager popupitem -605,4 => Opens the line style dropdown menu for attributes

The problem is there is no documentation available for me listing all available [Number 1],[Number 2] combinations. Brute forcing with random numbers brings up some wild results.

The closest information I can find is Keyins to toggle dialogs and toolboxes (pre-V8) 
 and refers to a now non-existent file called Program\MicroStation\mdl\include\dlogids.h

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

I have tried using 

dmsg dialogdebug on

but it is not providing great results, especially with post v8i components