2D Wire Frame file suddenly blurry

Microstation is suddenly displaying strange behavior with elements. This only started Today, after opening a file the elements are blurred and only appear clearly when the mouse is passed over them left/right or down/up but will not stay clear when moved back. What's happening?

  • What version?

    Could be many things. Cut out a piece and post it here, we'll see if we an reproduce or resolve.

    Connect will do some crazy stuff, it's Bugladden. Yesterday I was working in a sheet model I'd edited over the past week. Suddenly all my text was translucent, but it was under a filled shape, not likely your issue. I needed to simply change some level priority.

    Check that your graphics card settings are proper in Windows. if the driver was recently updated you may need to roll it back.

    Connect r17 self-employed-Unpaid Beta tester for Bentley

  • MicroStation CONNECT v10.17.01.58

  • Sorry, that video tells us nothing. In the video, are you simply selecting the elements to get them to highlight? Post a DGN, just clip out a piece if you're concerned about proprietary content.

    Connect r17 self-employed-Unpaid Beta tester for Bentley

  • Sorry for the poor video, but if you look closely you will see that many of the elements are not visible until the pointer is move to the left and then they stay visible until the pointer is moved to the right.  Note I'm not holding down the mouse button only moving the mouse.

  • Here's a better video.