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We have been developing Print Organizer usage for the past 2 years to make way for Batch Plotting to no longer be available to us in future versions of Microstation. In both Select Series 10 and Connect Edition 16 the PO is unbelievably slow. Always has been. Plotting 20 drawings takes almost 10 minutes start to finish. The most time consuming part seems to be when the files are being dropped into the pset window after being pulled out of Projectwise. I've read many forums threads but no one seems to be saying that they are ever able to speed this up. I've tried making sure everything is in read only and tried using a blank 3D seed file to plot from. None of this has affected the speed. It seems strange that the old batch plotting routine is so speedy but yet the new process can be so unbelievably slow in comparison. Any ideas what can be done to speed this up?

  • Variable Print Definitions are what you need to set. With this setting enabled it will load the dgn's very quickly into Print Organizer. 
    This setting requires that you use a Print Style when adding dgn's.

    To set the preference do the following:

    • In the Print Organizer dialog select Edit > Preferences

    • In the Preferences dialog toggle on Enable variable print definitions

    • After selecting OK to save this setting, you will need to exit Print Organizer and restart for it to take effect.

    To make that setting apply to everyone you can set the variable MS_PLT_ENABLE_VARIABLE_DEFINITION_MODE=1 in a cfg file.

    The biggest downside to using this setting is that it won't display any details after the dgn's are loaded, just the file names.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst

  • The biggest downside to using this setting is that it won't display any details after the dgn's are loaded, just the file names.

    what does that mean Rod? got a  picture?


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  • OK Lorys, here is your picture.

    Print Organizer in its default configuration. Loading one dgn with 79 sheets, takes about 1 minute to load.

    Print Organizer loading same dgn the same 79 sheets with Variable Print Definitions enabled. Loads almost instantaneously. 
    No details, doesn't tell you how many sheets, just the file name.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst

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  • FYI, in its default configuration Print Organizer will load one file with 79 sheets much faster than 79 files with one sheet each.

    So if you can't live with the lack of information using Variable Print Definitions, combining more sheets into fewer files will improve the performance.

    Another way to improve the performance is to use sheet models instead fence definitions.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst