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We have been developing Print Organizer usage for the past 2 years to make way for Batch Plotting to no longer be available to us in future versions of Microstation. In both Select Series 10 and Connect Edition 16 the PO is unbelievably slow. Always has been. Plotting 20 drawings takes almost 10 minutes start to finish. The most time consuming part seems to be when the files are being dropped into the pset window after being pulled out of Projectwise. I've read many forums threads but no one seems to be saying that they are ever able to speed this up. I've tried making sure everything is in read only and tried using a blank 3D seed file to plot from. None of this has affected the speed. It seems strange that the old batch plotting routine is so speedy but yet the new process can be so unbelievably slow in comparison. Any ideas what can be done to speed this up?

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  • I can’t say I’ve ever had this experience with the PO in SS10, it’s always seemed to take the same amount of time as combining the plot times if I was doing it individually.

    Have you compared times for PO with the old if found its heaps faster than PO even with Pwise being used without the rendition option which is even worse times


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  • Have you compared times for PO with the old

    For me, that would be like going back to living in caves. The PO works absolutely fine for me so I've not need to resort to archaic methods, even if it does provide a minor speed improvement.

    but the rest is done in a jiffy.

    Heh, that's probably the most un-Germanlike phrase I've read from a German Joy. I do agree though and also keep my Drawing DGN files limited to 1 sheet model, and it doesn't take a lot of time to load up. I just tested loading 99 files into the PO and it completed in approx 17.5 seconds. I'm really not sure what all the fuss is about it being slow.