deja vu? File date change

Yes, been here before. Branding (or assignment to workset) caused the DGN file to change it's modified date even if nothing was done other than opening. I use the modified date, it's good information for me. When this happened the first time, back in CExx, I set-up a batch to open every file in my active projects (100s) so I could track them going forward.

So now it's doing it again (has been for a while). In addition to the ridiculous amount of bugs and defects, this is just annoying.

Why Bentley, why?????????

  • The file changed so the OS updated the file modified date. Bentley could set the date back but then it no longer reflects the "last time it was modified" and can cause issues with things like backup programs.

    That said, there are way too many things that just get changed when opening a file. I'd prefer the branding be updated when an actual file change was made instead of immediately. Then you could open the file under a wrong branding accidentally and still get out without changing the existing branding (or the file).


  • this is where Projectwise is  very good at keeping track and using  versioning with dates and rev nos even if  not  issued  it still lets you  know a dgn was modified and  by who.. expensive  option .. alternative external programs exist that let you  do this are all data base driven with automation as users would forget to all ways update a manual drg register like excel but  when nothing else available its an option I supose


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  • ProjectWise has it's own issues with file modified dates & times. Any time you copy a file in ProjectWise, or drag a file into ProjectWise the file updated entry is changed to the current date/time even though the file itself didn't change. Makes finding accidentally created duplicate files really hard.


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