Why "SNAP" in Microstion doesnt work (after conversion DWG to DGN)

When converting a drawing in Acad from DWG to DGN V7 and then opening it in Micorstation 8, snaps do not work/are not transferred. They cannot grab the individual lines and transfer them to their GIS to the places according to the coordinates where they are drawn in Acad.
Can this be solved by the settings in Acad?

  • Can I ask why you took the step of converting to V7 (which is twenty years old, I believe) if you were going to use V8 to work on the files?

    While I'm not certain about the snap issue, you say the elements must be moved "according to the coordinates where they were drawn in ACAD". That could be due to the fact that V7 had a finite design plans which may not correlate directly to the location of elements in AutoCAD, which has an infinite design plane.

    You say that "snaps" are not working, but then you say you cannot move elements? While I agree that snaps are essential to precise drafting, are you saying that you cannot move elements at all, or that you can move them, but not snap to a give point?

    V8 is able to open DWG files directly (depending on versions of both). It can also convert AutoCAD (depending again on version). I suggest you try opening or converting your file directly with V8, instead of taking the roundabout through V7, which is a much more primitive software. Not only should this preserve to coordinate location of your elements, it may address the snap issue.


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  • I work in autocad. The company I'm sending the project to requires it to be in DGN V7 format. They use an outdated GIS system that can only read/work with DGN V7.
    As I understood after consulting with them, the problem will be that they cannot attach to the specified point on the line.
    I assume that the Microstation settings on the company's side to work with DGN V7 will be fine. They work with drawings in DGN V7 on a daily basis.
    Therefore, it seems to me that the problem arises somewhere on my side - drawing in Acad or when converting to DGN
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