Using MicroStation with files in SharePoint?

At some point in the not too distant future our company will be looking to replace our physical server with a new one and it has been suggested that we have this in the cloud! At the moment we use Teams/OneDrive/SharePoint for a lot of non project related data which is mostly (nearly all) Microsoft types files and this works fine. Project related information goes in project folders on the server. 

The questions comes about what to do about .dgn (and .dwg/rvt) files and how we would use them if we moved them to SharePoint. So my question is, if we moved our .dgn files to SharePoint, how would we access & edit them? 

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  • In case you're wondering why MicroStation works ok with regular windows file shares it's because in that scenario all the users are accessing the same exact file and window file locking properly handles who can modify the one file. With OneDrive you have multiple copies of the file on each computer and OneDrive is trying to negotiate locking and syncing across a potentially slow (or non-existent) internet connection. It just isn't fast enough or even able to make sure all other existing copies of the file are also locked.