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Wishlist and CR posts

A lot of users want to give us input on what to do with the product.  A lot of these ideas come to us as being really good from the start others require the user base to kick them around a bit (you can find a diamond in the rough a lot of times).  Here is a suggestion on creating a post for your fellow peers to discuss and then how to submit it to Bentley to get it in the formal process.

  1. Start a post in the appropriate forum
    1. Please use the search option to determine a similar request does not already exist 
    2. For MicroStation items use (use of top level forum makes the CR items easy to find)
  2. Title it with "CR - (subject)"
    1. This makes it searchable and easily identified
    2. One topic per post please
    3. A poll can be added to help determine popularity (must be done by the original poster)
      Note: Polls are create by the auther of a post and are listed across the top of the post under a tab called "Poll".
  3. The community iterates on the idea
    1. A comment here is only for discussion or support (positive or negative) of the idea, you need to be added to the CR to be official (step 7)
  4. Original poster formulates the idea after a time period.
  5. A CR is created with Bentley by the original poster
  6. CR # and description is added to the thread by the original poster (we could lock the thread at this time if the original poster so desires)
  7. Others may then contact Bentley support to be added to the CR#, using ST simply state you want to be added to CR#xxx (a CR is Bentley's official way of tracking the item)

Regarding TR's these are technical defects in the product.  It is not recommended that you post things with "TR - (subject)", since it has not been determined if this is a true defect or not.  If a post is determined to be a defect then if at all possible we will add the TR# to the original posts body, and if we catch the link while reviewing the fix we will try to post back that it has been addressed.


John Frampton
Product Manager - MicroStation, PowerDraft
Bentley Systems, Inc.