MicroStation in MAC OS

Hi everyone,

Does anybody knows if MicroStation works in MAC OS?


Bill Prassas

  • Microstation is Windows only, the last version for MAC OS was Microstation SE (1997).



  • Hi Bill-

    There is no Mac-native version of MicroStation.  But you can run MicroStation on a Mac by running Windows on a Mac; this can be done with Boot Camp or with a virtualization solution such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels. 

    I actually talked about running MicroStation on a Mac in my blog.  If you want more info than that, feel free to contact me. 




  • Bill,


    I run MicroStation in Bootcamp and also have both Fusion and Parallels. Fusion has display issues with Microstation line styles (1-7) . Parallels has come a long way and I now prefer it over Fusion but Bootcamp will give you the best performance. If I'm mainly going to working in MicroStation all day I will use Bootcamp with XP.   The iMac  actually make for an excellent PC.

    My recommendation are.

    1) First thing I do is dump the apple mouse and get a good 2 button corded mouse with scroll wheel.  I love Apples stuff but their mice don't work well with MicroStation.  Especially if you use a 2 button cord for snapping.

    2) If your working with large files or 3D rendering bootcamp is the way to go.  I prefer XP because it has a smaller footprint.

    3) For smaller files or quick reviewing I use Parallels.

    4) Set up a VM machine and install MS on it.  DON'T use the bootcamp patition from Parallels, if you do you take a huge hit on start-up times both in Parallels and Bootcamp.

    5) Select server may report 2 licenses being use.   Bentley is aware their software falsely reports the number of licenses being used on some VM's.