Bugged by Powerdraft - A number of questions

Architect by trade i've come accross a number of issues and problems that seem to crop up a bit too often. Any tips or solutions to any would be much apprechiated. Apologies for there being so many, i work with Microstation Powerdraft XM "alot". I apprechiate many of these may just be inate bugs that occur with software coding and as such may well be patched in later versions of P.D. but as a firm we don't have the time to allocate for a system wide update just yet.

  1. When copying a reference you keep the original selected not the newly created one (seems counter intuative).
  2. The text box in V8i delays when create before allowing text input (as if its breifly waiting for something to be checked first)
  3. When typing in a text box the first letter sometimes appears as random font type
  4. rasters dissapear when zooming in close
  5. pdfs when attached as raster severely slow performance compared to JPG or similar
  6. referencing drawing into itself can cause crash even if nesting is turned off
  7. snap choice is attached to drawing and not UI layout of the indivudual computer (makes different user styles and habits hard)
  8. i can draw smartline, edit and drop it, but can't re-connect it or add to one/join together back into a smart line (autocad has this option)
  9. when selecting a raster in a drawing you can use the move parrallel set distance to 0 to create a copy of that raster but all other normal manipulate tools don't work on rasters (such as copy)
  10. intelli-trim can easily and randomly switch between Quick/Advance & trim/extend with litttle concious input
  11. There is no obvious way to directly open the "Named Groups" popout-window as there is for raster/layermanager/etc in the Primary Tools toolbox
  12. place Smartline has no option for controlling its fill if the line is closed - its controlled by the last input into any other tool that allows input of fill
  13. combining multiple screens, multiple users & multipe views causes odd arrangements of view windows depending on the users screens & setup - the number of views & their location are approximated based on the previous user of the drawing rather than a default preset by the individual user.
  14. It is hard to tell why but attaching references occasionally randomly changes the over-ride colour for the levels in that reference
  15. Seemingly randomly, sometimes the only way to de-select a line you have to right click - select all then right click select non.
  16. on the utilities-macro-MicroStation Basic popout window for Macros (the only way i can find to list my macros) it has no option for delete.
  17. though it may exist, i can find no way to macro changing the background between black & white apart from Preferences-View Options
  18. once a closed object is drawn, to add or remove its fill  the only way i see is to navigate through Element Info-General-Fill, when a simple option could be placed in the Attributes toolbar
  19. in a text box all or non of the text can be underlined - although if partial underlining has been setup in word or other similar word processing programs and pasted into the text box it works.
  20. ammendments to print attributes & many other print options are only kept for the duration of the print popout window - it would be nice to have a simple way to keep the ammended print attribute options - at least within the life of that drawing session or having to ammend perminantly the config files (if even possible)
  21. large areas of associated pattern hatch make a drawing very slow to relax, non-associated or dropping the associated pattern hatch makes the draw work far faster but greatly increase the file size - not a terrific choice.
  22. Preferences, Config & Colour Table popout menus have a "X" to close the window but only the "Cancel" or "OK" buttons actually closes the window, similarly with Views 1-8
  23. on occasion, re-editing text, any new text will appear slightly bigger than the rest of the text in the textbox
  24.  when drawing a spline or outlining an area by points, you can move the screen up/down or right/left with the mouse wheel  + CTRL or ALT and still use drawing aids like ENTER for "Smart Lock". however if you do the same but use the middle mouse button to click & hold for panning then hit ENTER for "Smart Lock" the input will default to the "Element Selection" (or whatever default options input for the current command), just tab-ing trough the different options rather than activating or deactivating Smart Lock.
  25.  even on the most basic drawings on a decent spec computer flood fill will take too long
  26.  References have their own seperate clip & mask buttons, rasters have one for clip that can be set tomask.
  27. fences can't be used with Smartlock
  28. block fence can only ever be a rectangle - no edit option apart from changing to a different sized rectangle
  29. locks currently on only show briefly - often have to press a lock once or twice to see what state a lock is.
  30. hatching with fill can pickup objects - sometimes cells - despite being turned off
  31. frozen and locked layers can easily accidentally be unfrozen and unlocked if selected from "active menu" in Attributes tab or hitting "set active" on right click menu in level manager.
  32. In raster manager its near impossible to assign a "Description" or "Locigal Name" in any obvious way

Many thanks


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