Problem moving text with leader

I have noticed a problem moving text with a leader. If I select the text and leader individually I can move both without an issue. However, if I use power selector and use a box to select the text and leader, the end of the leader moves (the terminator end) but the text and extension line stays in it's original location. I thaught that power selector may not be grabbing the text node so I turned on the nodes in the view attributes and tried again but this did not work either. This also happens using a fence.

Attached is a sample file. Try to power select all of the text and leaders and use the move command. The leader ends will move but the text will stay in place. Try a fence also and use the manipulate fence contents. THen use the selection tool and select a piece of text and then select the leader line and use the move command and the text and leader will move together.

Anybody have a solution?????



move leader text.dgn
  • The reason why the leader stays is because of the association point between the leader and the extension line.  If you do an analyze element on the note and look at details, you’ll see one point with the letter “A” on it.  If you use the drop association keyin and snap to the horizontal leader and extension line, this will remove the association point between the two elements and the association point where it’s snapped to the design plance.  You should be able to move these with no issues now.