Copy & Increment Text


Something that has bugged me for years with the copy & increment text is that you can only use the command in a verb-noun mode, not in a noun-verb mode.  Here's my regular situation...  I have a detail sheet with a grid of lines.  A certain distance from each intersection of the grid, I have a detail number.  Of course the detail numbers are each incremented by one.  So if I used a standard copy element command, I would select my text element, hit the copy element icon, pick my grid intersection as my "from" location, and then pick my next grid intersection as my "to" location.  (Select element first, then select tool to use with that element--noun-verb).  With the Copy & Increment Text tool, I can not select my element first.  So if I want to use it, I have to zoom way out, so that when I snap to my grid intersection, the detail number is in the locate circle and then I can zoom back in to place my copies.  Why can't the Copy & Increment Text tool work in both verb-noun, and noun-verb modes?


P.S. I've also see forums asking for a "number of copies" option.  This would be useful on occasion.